Termites Treatment

termiteThere are several ways to treat termites. Since there are two different kinds of termites, there are several different options for treatment, depending on the type of termites you encounter. Subterranean and Drywood termites are treated differently. You will find several options, but be sure to determine which kind of termite infestation you are needing to treat. Subterranean termites are small, ant like insects that tunnel through wood structures. These types of termites need lots of moisture. They usually live in the soil. They live in large colonies which if undetected can do major damage very quickly. One way to treat termites is by using a baiting station.

While this technique is not a rapid fix to your problem, it does work effectively by letting you know you do a have termite problem. Since bait stations work in a localized area, a liquid insecticide can help treat larger areas. Termites need professional treatment since the damage they do gets costly. Drywood termites live in small groups and live in the wood. They do not work as quickly as the other termites since they do not have the larger colonies. One strategy is to use treated lumber to deter the termites. If you determine you do have drywood termites, a tent fumigation by a professional is needed. These can be costly but very effective.

pest controlGetting rid of termites is a job a professional should do. Since they invade your homes and cause expensive structural damage, it is suggested to leave this up to the professionals. Be sure and do your part to alleviate food sources and attractions for the termites, but the actual elimination should be done by a professional.

Insects are a part of our everyday life. We need them for many things. They are part of the balance of nature. Just remember, there should be a balance between insects and humans. Do your part to keep the balance.